If you’re a small-to-medium size business with big software needs, we’ve got this.


Regardless of the size of any given project, our focus is always on providing services that allow our customers to recognize and measure significant improvements in how they interact with software..


We have a network of highly skilled, entrepreneurial professionals and vendors with extensive industry experience who can assist our customers with the expertise, knowledge, skills and resources they are seeking.


We are extremely proud of our long-term relationships with customers. In fact, we enter into every business opportunity with the long-term in mind, even if the initial opportunity with a customer is small or short-term in nature.


At Newport Advisors, we believe, most of all, that if we do good work and nurture our relationships, customers will continue to request our services.

We know home services.

(Especially Pest Control and HVAC)

Given the opportunity to work with so many great business owners, we have gained a true understanding of their industries. With the knowledge of the business side of software development and nuances in the Pest and HVAC industries, we identified an opportunity to really connect with these owners and help them with four main objectives:

Identify the right software platform for their business needs with an unbiased and objective lens.

Spearhead the software conversion process allowing them to stay focused on what they do best.

Provide continued support and best practices workflows, post-conversion, for them and their staff.

Develop customized forms, applications, and APIs, as well as data validation procedures to enhance software experience and boost functionality.

The 5 big reasons to use Newport Advisors.


Working with Newport Advisors will allow you to keep your focus on your business while we take care of the rest during the software conversion process.


We will organize and guide the software training process, depending on your service model and offerings, so your staff knows what to expect each step of the way.


We work with your designated staff to execute the trainings, as well as provide training notes and documentation when needed. That way, your staff is prepared on your ‘Go Live’ date to hit the ground running, equipped with the knowledge they have gained.


We will equip you with best practices for moving your data to the new system to reduce redundancy, eliminate errors, and ensure that your customer base is set up properly.


We provide you with analytical insights into your data for validation and reconciliation where needed, since no data migration is perfect. Additionally, we act as an additional resource for post-go-live support for your staff.

For every concern, we bring solutions.


Organization and Preparation

“Don’t we just get our logins and start using the system? Why and what do I need to organize and prepare? How long is this going to take?”

The first important step is to establish expectations and get everyone ready for the change to ensure the best outcome.


Data Clean-Up and Migration

“We are great at providing stellar service to our customers, but I have no idea about moving my data or how that process even works? What data should be cleaned up? ”

This is where Newport Advisors leads the process with confidence.


Staff Training and Adoption

“How are we going to get everyone trained? Who is going to manage all of the tasks required to make sure we get everything done and are prepared?”

We assist our clients by providing an organized approach to the training process with the software vendor and help customize the training based on each client’s needs.